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Tis the Season

It's that time of year; it's special, wonder-filled, magical and loving. We exchange gifts, we spend time with loved ones, we eat, drink and enjoy merriment. Personally, I've never welcomed the rest like I do this year. Yesterday, my school shut its doors for the summer break, sending off the general staff---the only employees still… Continue reading Tis the Season

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Road Trip

Tomorrow morning, Wednesday AEST, we set off for our Christmas adventure in South Australia. After depositing our cat to the vet for boarding, we'll begin our road trip. A billowing breeze behind us and a car filled with suitcases, hidden Father Christmas presents, excited children and me and Hubster. We're breaking up the nine-hour trip… Continue reading Road Trip

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Tis the season

Feeling festive, yet? I am. One more day (Friday) of my permanent part-time role before I start leave for three weeks. On Wednesday, we begin a road trip to South Australia, ready to spend Christmas Day with my parents, who I've not seen for eighteen months. We'll see other rellies while we're in SA, of… Continue reading Tis the season

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Us Five

And so that was Christmas! No frost, but bright sunny skies, a BBQ'd feast with salads and a cherry ice-cream cake for dessert. Air-conditioner pumped out cool air as I napped on the couch. Throughout the morning and early afternoon, I kept watch on news sites and my own social media feeds: fires burning around… Continue reading Us Five

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Resilience is one of those current buzz words. I read blog posts, books and newsletters, all of which advocate the importance of resilience. I hear psychologists, doctors, teachers, academics all talk about building resilience. And I agree. It is an important characteristic; it's the ability to bounce back. A lot can go awry in life… Continue reading Resilience