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Us Five

And so that was Christmas! No frost, but bright sunny skies, a BBQ'd feast with salads and a cherry ice-cream cake for dessert. Air-conditioner pumped out cool air as I napped on the couch. Throughout the morning and early afternoon, I kept watch on news sites and my own social media feeds: fires burning around… Continue reading Us Five

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Resilience is one of those current buzz words. I read blog posts, books and newsletters, all of which advocate the importance of resilience. I hear psychologists, doctors, teachers, academics all talk about building resilience. And I agree. It is an important characteristic; it's the ability to bounce back. A lot can go awry in life… Continue reading Resilience


A Christmas Carol…please?

Last evening, I went to the Christmas concert - ahem, sorry, that should be the End-of-Year concert - at my children's public primary school. It's not my first concert at the school, closer to my fifth I reckon, but each year it's becoming incrementally less Christmas-y. Now, I'm no raging Christian. In fact, by any… Continue reading A Christmas Carol…please?