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Part 2. If you'd like to read Part 1, click here.   Once I'm back in my bedroom, I take the ampoule from its hiding place and put it in my bedside drawer, tucking it neatly under a pile of knickers and a lavender pot pourri. My hands are shaking. Climbing into my king-sized bed,… Continue reading Escape

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In the night (Part 3)

The grass needs mowing. It is my first thought as I'm ushered inside by my mum. I say as much to her; she either doesn't hear or wilfully ignores me. Home invasion. Two months ago. I spent two nights in hospital before Mum took charge. She brought a suitcase, together we took the V-line to… Continue reading In the night (Part 3)

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Parent guilt

Yesterday morning was one of those crazy moments in parenting. I had two netball games to coach, at the same venue, one time-slot in the fixture apart (equivalent to about thirty-five minutes). T1's soccer game was earlier but in a suburb twenty minutes away, and T2 had his regular tutoring appointment at our local library,… Continue reading Parent guilt

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On my own

I am an extrovert. I love to be around people. This means I feel lonely in solitude, not alive. Don't misunderstand though, I love the peace and quiet that comes from a moment on my own. A day in my home without my cherubs. And on that note: school's back next week. Yippee kai yay… Continue reading On my own

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Peggy’s ring

'Is this a hustle?' I ask, wary. Not so long ago, I'd been the victim of a scheme. I'd foolishly fallen for a Nigerian prince. I know, you're rolling your eyes, stifling a guffaw, aren't you? I was like you once, the kind of person that mutters, How could she be so stupid? Until it… Continue reading Peggy’s ring