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Day of reckoning

On this day, as I write, Melburnians are expectantly waiting news of release. We ponder, we pray, we beg. We hold our breath, hoping for good news. One hundred and one days since we were locked in our homes, a nonsensical 5km restriction on where we could travel, and businesses forced to close. All while… Continue reading Day of reckoning

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The Tax Return

'Hettie, I just received my tax refund!' I'd just checked my bank account via the app on my phone. I expected to find it abysmally low on available funds. Like $20, maybe $35. I was jubilant to see that my refund had been deposited overnight. We had enough to pay the month's rent and stock… Continue reading The Tax Return

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It's spring in Melbourne. Such a gorgeous time of year. My tree-lined street is filled with buds and blossom; the air warms and everybody bustles about, keen to crawl out from hibernation. Well, not this year. It's still spring---the government hasn't been able to alter the seasons---but we are all withheld from our usual happy… Continue reading Spring?

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The holidays

School holidays here in Melbourne for the next two weeks. Not that much will change in people's daily lives, given the inexorable lockdown measures. Hubster and I have just laid down some ground rules regarding device usage over these next two weeks. T1 and T2 mistakenly assumed they would be sitting in their room, curtains… Continue reading The holidays

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New Victoria

The trees are covered in pink blossom. Behind them, the clear and bright blue sky is a stunning backdrop. Spring is my favourite season; its colours and morning crisp air that gives way to a gentle warmth are nature's forgiveness for a harsh winter. For a moment, I forget that everything has changed. I'm walking… Continue reading New Victoria