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I wanted to write a scathing post about Dan Andrews and his bald-faced lie regarding the ADF during the parliamentary inquiry into the hotel quarantine clusterfuck. But I can't be bothered. I can't find the words; can't be facetious over the issue. I'll just mask up, go for a walk, then bury my head in… Continue reading Fiction

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Another Wednesday rolls around. Another day in the corona-juggernaut and a day of same-same, locked in my home. Good thing I still love my kids and Hubster. Today's a work day for me too. God that's getting tricky. Trying to find new and interesting ways to write about dry, uninteresting topics, while juggling children interrupting… Continue reading Wednesday

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Rain and Hope

Last night, we heard the pitter-patter of rain hitting the roof. Not much, but welcomed. Recently in Melbourne we've enjoyed some gorgeous sunshiny days, almost spring-like, which have been lovely and gone some way to lift our collective spirits, but given it's winter here, it's kind of strange. Still August is usually our wettest and… Continue reading Rain and Hope

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Lacking Pizzazz

Inevitably, Melbourne has arrived at Stage 4 restrictions. Imposed on us last night by the head honcho in charge of this dystopian nightmare, Chairman Dan, and will remain in place until mid-September. The city is wholly lacking pizzazz. There is a tangible sense of doom amongst us, its saddened, anxious, and angry inhabitants. the… Continue reading Lacking Pizzazz

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What the hell is wrong with people today? Well, not all people obviously, coz many of us are toeing the mask-wearing line. Footage revealed this morning shows an excruciating display of singular-mindedness in the face of a pandemic. A woman entered Bunnings, by design unmasked, filming with her phone camera front-facing, and immediately proceeds to… Continue reading Singularity