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Sensing the Awkward

The state of Victoria is a dilapidated mess. Could even be described as a fixer-upper. Only problem is, who can save us? Who is equipped to perform the task? The diligent, difficult work that is required to renovate the state. To tear down the rotten structures and rebuild. Because we need more than a paint… Continue reading Sensing the Awkward

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It’s happening again

So, Victoria's snap 'circuit breaker' lockdown looks set to lengthen. Of course. In my opinion, it was always going to be longer than the initial seven days. When you've got jokers running the state, what else can you expect. I am livid. Furious. Berserk with rage. Interestingly, some people are zombie-like, enduring the lockdown with… Continue reading It’s happening again

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I've been thinking a lot lately about friends, or friendliness in general. I guess a lot of people have, given the pandemic and ensuing lockdowns across the globe. Locking humans inside homes breaks down their ability to build and sustain meaningful friendships. In my 20s, my bones ached with loneliness. In the confines of a… Continue reading Friends

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Lucid Liars

Here we go again. Yet another fuck-up by the astonishingly incompetent Andrews government, and it looks like Melbourne's heading for another lockdown. For those who don't know, last Friday the state government admitted they made a mistake with a COVID site. Instead of naming Woolworths Epping North, it was communicated that Woolsworths Epping was where… Continue reading Lucid Liars