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Sick day

Still lacking a healthy, rosy glow in my cheeks. Just informed my boss that I'm taking a sick day so I can lie on the couch and slowly die watch hours of Netflix. Had a COVID test yesterday. I knew it was unlikely to be positive, but best to have unequivocal proof, just in case.… Continue reading Sick day

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The Tax Return

'Hettie, I just received my tax refund!' I'd just checked my bank account via the app on my phone. I expected to find it abysmally low on available funds. Like $20, maybe $35. I was jubilant to see that my refund had been deposited overnight. We had enough to pay the month's rent and stock… Continue reading The Tax Return

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Looks like Melbourne's putting on a beautiful day. From where I sit, looking over the milk froth in my coffee, I see the patterns of light and shade created by the movement of trees and a clear blue sky. Gorgeous. I do have to venture out today, too. I'm taking Our Girl and T2 to… Continue reading Outside

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The holidays

School holidays here in Melbourne for the next two weeks. Not that much will change in people's daily lives, given the inexorable lockdown measures. Hubster and I have just laid down some ground rules regarding device usage over these next two weeks. T1 and T2 mistakenly assumed they would be sitting in their room, curtains… Continue reading The holidays

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Sissy and Maribelle

'How're you going?' I ask my friend, Sissy, as we meet for our morning walk. It's my usual greeting. An alternative to saying hello, or a formal 'Good morning'. 'Oh you know...' her voice trails off. This is not how she normally responds. I give her a sideways glance and see her eyes are welling… Continue reading Sissy and Maribelle