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Raising the flag of ire

At what point do you fight back? When you've been hurt by someone, when they continually try to blame you for their own stupidity or error, at what point do you stop being the better person, and decide to hit back? For most of this year, I have put up with unfair and juvenile treatment… Continue reading Raising the flag of ire


Breakfast and baby (short fiction)

Sonia placed her tightly swaddled newborn in the cot and backed out of the room. Closing the door behind her, she took a breath. She stood erect, listening for the inevitable screams. After a minute, Sonia slowly moved away. In the kitchen with the baby monitor in arm's reach, Sonia flicked on the kettle and… Continue reading Breakfast and baby (short fiction)


A mutual attraction cont’d (short fiction)

Melly flinched at the memory. James' lips on hers. His very expensive pants crumpled around his ankles. Biting the inside of her own cheek to keep quiet. 'You right? You actually jumped. What was going through your brain?' Lee asked. Melly was leaving the school playground with Lee and Sara. They were headed out for… Continue reading A mutual attraction cont’d (short fiction)

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On hearing no

There is no zing in my step today. All positivity drained from my system on reading one email that stated, 'good, but it's not quite right for us'. I know it's to be expected. I understand that every writer goes through this. I am trying not to take it personally. Wow, it hurts though, like… Continue reading On hearing no

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The three terrors

Three little terrors Take over my life Demanding, fighting To get their way.   Three little militants Ask all day long 'Canni'ave?' 'Canni'ave?' Incessant noise, constant sound.   Three little beauties Have my heart Despite the noise The demands, the fights.   These three little terrors Are my world They hold me, teach me New… Continue reading The three terrors