Other People’s Children (extract)

*This is an extract from my manuscript, Blood and Fire. It is set in Melbourne, over twenty years ago, in the residential training facility of a cult-like organisation. Please forgive any references in the text which are unexplained.*   It seemed there was a roster for every activity in the college. In addition to house… Continue reading Other People’s Children (extract)

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The worry behind a responsibility

I'm a touch nervous this morning. Shaken, anxious. I've allowed my three children to walk to school. It's not far, and they've done it before. Why so nervous today, I hear you ask? Well, other days when they've walked, I have left shortly after in my car for my regular gym visits. The school is… Continue reading The worry behind a responsibility

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Dreams of being…

What do you want to be when you grow up? This question plagued me throughout my childhood. I didn't know the answer. Unlike seemingly everyone around me, I held no clue to my own skills, talents and dreams. I moved from wanting to be a famous actress, to an ice-skater (it doesn't EVER snow in… Continue reading Dreams of being…

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Guilt as propeller

Guilty. Guilty as charged. But of what? We are all guilty of something. Some of us hide a dirty secret; some are guilty of fibbing to save a friend's feelings, others might be guilty of actual crimes or heinous acts. For even others, the thought of owning their guilt is so terrifying, they point the… Continue reading Guilt as propeller


The accident (short story)

'What have you done?' The young woman sits with her head in her hands, her elbows rest on her knees. Tears fall. Every part of her body burns and pulsates. 'Nothing that hasn't been done before,' she hears the male voice say. 'Really?' her voice cracks. She lifts her head, her gaze holds his eyes… Continue reading The accident (short story)