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Smashing morning

Erich traces his finger along my spine as I lie on my belly. The morning sun splinters through the gap in the curtains. I open one eye. 'Morning,' I say. My voice is sleep-croaky. 'Sleep well?' he asks. I didn't. Each moment I felt close to falling off, one leg twitched and jerked involuntarily. I… Continue reading Smashing morning

Fiction, Health and wellbeing, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Poolside news

Maria was sunning herself in Fiji by the time the news reached her. She was reclining on a poolside lounge, her skin glistening with sunscreen. The scent of coconut wafted from her pores. Next to her, on a small round table, was her cocktail. The faint doof-doof of the base line from someone's music played… Continue reading Poolside news