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Sinking (short fiction)

The slight bump made no sense. Sarah was accustomed to the gentle swaying, rocking. But this was a definite bump. And she definitely heard a groan, too, low and rumbling underneath the bump. Sarah looked around her, desperate to find Andy. Where was he? They were standing next to each other in the large dining… Continue reading Sinking (short fiction)

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Swimming Upstream

Swimming upstream. A difficult exercise for me. I'm not a strong swimmer at all. Don't even like to dip my feet in the water. Life is sometimes like a fish swimming upstream. It can feel like the world is going one way, and you the other, leaving only a sense of being lost, confused, direction-less.… Continue reading Swimming Upstream

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The last time I travelled internationally was to the US, in 2013. The time before that, it was 1999. If I have wanderlust, it's in slow-release form. I do actually like to travel and would easily do more of it. The problem, however, is funding the wanderlust bug. I saw an ad in the cinemas… Continue reading Wanderlust