Rescue (short story)

A young girl stands, ready to leap. Her heart pounds; its beats thrum all the way to her fingertips. They itch and burn. Her eyes look down, she wobbles. Terror slices through her. 'Hey there.' A voice. Footsteps. 'Hey, can I help you?' Oh god, really? The footsteps quicken, thump-thump-thump, until the voice reaches her.… Continue reading Rescue (short story)

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Jumbling thoughts

I've been missing in action around my blog for a while now, over a week at least, I think. I've been checking in, but not writing here. Fear not, though, I have still been working on my manuscript. Recently, I've pitched to two different publishers, both expressed interest. So now I play the waiting game,… Continue reading Jumbling thoughts


A woman of delusion (short fiction)

He wipes his nose across the sleeve of his jumper. 'For the love of Christ have some manners!' his companion shouts. I sneak a peek their way. A couple, stooped with the heaviness of age, unsteadily cross the road. The woman continues, 'Bert, I don't know what to do with you.' 'Marion,' replies Bert. 'You… Continue reading A woman of delusion (short fiction)

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A quick trip to Chadstone

I look around me. There are people everywhere, bustling to get from one place to another. The urgency and haste makes it appear, sometimes erroneously, as if they are rude. A bump, a knock, all without a considerate word or look. I look at the people. They are all living their lives, parallel to mine.… Continue reading A quick trip to Chadstone

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Into the light

I am in a dark tunnel, taking step after faltering step, and up ahead is a pinhead of light. A glimmer, pointing the way through, the way ahead. My steps are now purposeful, faster. The pale pinprick changes to stark white brightness. Its warmth reaches into the last metres of the tunnel and hugs me.… Continue reading Into the light