A Run to Safety (short story)

She flew down the road, not daring to look behind her. Her father told her when she was young that if she looked over her shoulder while in a running race, she'd lose speed. She believed him then, no reason to doubt her loving dad. But as she grew up and her role models changed… Continue reading A Run to Safety (short story)


The lure of a loophole (short story)

The cupboard door in the bathroom opened with its squeak and clunk. At nearly five o'clock in the morning, the noise splintered through the quiet calm of the house. 'What are you looking for?' I asked, impatiently, immediately regretting my tone. The door squeaked and clunked its way closed, then the drawer slid open. I… Continue reading The lure of a loophole (short story)

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The joy of study

This year is my first since 2012 where I am not doing any university study. I was very nervous about starting uni. I was waaaay older than the stereotypical uni student; in my early 40s, I was probably closer in age to that of their parents. I had three preschool children in my first year… Continue reading The joy of study

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In an effort to entertain my twin boys, cease all-day iPad usage and all manner of silly behaviour at home, I am writing this from a local park, where they are registered in a soccer holiday program. We are here all day; and each afternoon for the rest of the week. I have somehow become… Continue reading Entertain

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Power of Music

As I sit to write today's word prompt, it is four o'clock here in Melbourne; a much later attempt for my efforts in the daily prompt. It is Saturday, and we've been on a family outing to the Portarlington Mussel Festival. Portarlington is a quaint seaside township on the Bellarine Peninsula, about one and a… Continue reading Power of Music