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Small Annoyances

Carol is standing on her tippy-toes, so that she can make eye contact with the receptionist. So far, she's being ignored. The woman, whose name tag reads Sheryl, is on her mobile. 'Oh, I know,' says Sheryl, sounding remarkably like Sybil Fawlty. So much so, that Carol looks around for Manuel or Basil. Carol rests… Continue reading Small Annoyances

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A visit to the clinic

Yesterday, I visited my doctor.No, not for COVID-19 symptoms.I spoke briefly with the receptionist, about nothing in particular. Just the usual coronaspeak, really. Boring, shan't sport with your intelligence by spelling it out here. But, as I am someone who loves to chat—with anyone—the fact that I was faced with a captive audience who is… Continue reading A visit to the clinic