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Brooke’s outing

Brooke grabs her car keys and closes the front door. Her heart flutters, like a butterfly has been released behind her ribs. She pauses on the verandah and draws breath. Her body sways; she presses her hand against the wall to steady herself. It's the belligerent nature of others that causes her to feel untethered.… Continue reading Brooke’s outing

Fiction, Health and wellbeing, Melbourne, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Joy in the Park

Joy has been named incorrectly. For her, happiness has always been skimpy. There's been fleeting moments, of course. That time when she experienced her first kiss, buying her apartment, the warmth of Sadie when she curls on her lap. But implosion always threatened, like troops on the border making a stealthy advance. Even those times… Continue reading Joy in the Park

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G&Ts with Mum

'He's always been a bit daffy,' said Mum. We were sitting at the outdoor couch on the deck, sipping gin and tonics. It was our favourite way to catch up at the end of each week. I'd just told Mum that I saw Aidan at the supermarket on Wednesday. He'd been pushing a trolley full… Continue reading G&Ts with Mum

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I stand up, brush off dirt and twigs. Run. Hope fuels each step. If I can make it to the village, I'll be safe. Behind me, the dogs bark. Up ahead, I can see the lights of the village. Car tyres screech. Headlights flash, illuminating the road. I pant as I run, my heart pumping… Continue reading Capture

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Part 2. If you'd like to read Part 1, click here.   Once I'm back in my bedroom, I take the ampoule from its hiding place and put it in my bedside drawer, tucking it neatly under a pile of knickers and a lavender pot pourri. My hands are shaking. Climbing into my king-sized bed,… Continue reading Escape