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It’s not just a number

Despite a healthy diet, and a huge reduction in alcohol intake, Bertha is struggling to lose kilograms. Weighing in at 99kgs, she is worried. In no way does she want to weigh a number with three figures. And damn those idiots who say, 'it's just a number.' They're usually the same type who say, 'it's… Continue reading It’s not just a number

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Home again

It's 9AM here on Saturday morning. Our Girl and I have had an early netball match, but we are home again, safely returned to the nest. It was a frustrating game to coach today. Our team was superior in terms of their skills and understanding of the rules, but we lost. Why did we lose?… Continue reading Home again

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At Soccer Training

Last night, I took T1 to soccer training. For some reason all other activities, except soccer, cease for school holidays. That's OK, though. Our trips in the car to and from training, and the hour we spend there are fast becoming my favourite moments of this year. Given it's holidays, numbers were down at training.… Continue reading At Soccer Training

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Melanie's gut is twisted in a knot. Her brain is mush, nothing makes sense. She scrambles to remember. Something. Anything, before the world went black. Her body sags. Her shoulders slump. She is thirsty, her tongue is scratchy in her mouth. Footsteps. 'Melanie,' a voice calls. Her heart pumps harder, faster. 'Are you thirsty? I've… Continue reading Amnesia

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The pretty garden

I ventured out for a walk. Earbuds pumped out music as I pounded the footpath. I passed a small suburban shopping centre, houses, three childcare centres, housing development sites and workers, and, as I began to head towards home, many shopfronts as I walked down a bustling street shopping strip. Trams rocked past, car horns… Continue reading The pretty garden