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People like us

'A cad. Nothing but a shark, lurking in still waters waiting to attack his next victim.' I'm in the car, listening to my mum. She's mad, obvs. We're on the way to emergency accommodation, because Mum's latest boyfriend, Tim, threw us out. He's actually a good bloke, don't let her words fool you. She's the… Continue reading People like us

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Kicked Out

'It's the lies! I can't take it anymore!' Mum's face is bright red. Spit flies out of her mouth. She's breathless, panting as though she's run five kms. Geez, looks like I've really done it this time. 'After you clean up your room, you can get out.' 'What do you mean? 'Exactly as it sounds,… Continue reading Kicked Out

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What a foolish notion, I think. Harry has just asked if I'd ever taken mind-altering drugs. 'No!' My response is emphatic. His eyebrow arches, ever so slightly. He doesn't believe me. Harry's lips curl into a smile, and he continues, 'Once,' he says. 'I was so out of it, I looked up into the sun… Continue reading Confession