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Sissy and Maribelle

'How're you going?' I ask my friend, Sissy, as we meet for our morning walk. It's my usual greeting. An alternative to saying hello, or a formal 'Good morning'. 'Oh you know...' her voice trails off. This is not how she normally responds. I give her a sideways glance and see her eyes are welling… Continue reading Sissy and Maribelle

Fiction, Health and wellbeing, Melbourne, Writing

Sign ups (short fiction)

A young woman approached the cordoned off area. Her steps tentative, unhurried. Max, standing among the group already behind the rope, watched her arrive. A rolled-up mat slung over her left shoulder bounced off her butt cheek, while her long blonde ponytail swung from side to side as she walked closer. Her long thin legs… Continue reading Sign ups (short fiction)


A welcome routine

Ah, the sound of silence. My kids are back in school. Zippidy-do-dah, zippidy-day. My three were keen to head back to school today, although T1 and T2 tried their best to hide it. My girl was beyond excited, looking forward to her new teacher (first time she has a male teacher. Stay tuned for updates),… Continue reading A welcome routine

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Quest for a better life

I am on a quest to live life healthier. To this end, I have given up alcohol—for the month of January, at least. We'll see how my willpower holds after that! Hubster too, has given up the enjoyment sipping a glass of wine. Neither of us have partook since January 1st. We are both already… Continue reading Quest for a better life