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Black Sheep

'Take a whiff.' Bea and I are standing in the Botanic Gardens. The lush colours and scents of spring are all around us. The sky is a clear blue and I feel grateful to be alive. 'There's no way to imitate that smell, is there?' Bea says, sniffing. I unfold the picnic blanket from its… Continue reading Black Sheep

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I woke this morning with an off-the-chart headache, stiff shoulder and sore upper back. I believe I had one of those rare nights where the position I fell asleep in was the same as when I opened my eyes. Must've laid on my side like a log all night long, and, to continue with the… Continue reading Headache

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A day in the life

Yesterday, T1 was in a grump. Salty, as seems to be the contemporary vernacular. It's the first official day of school holidays, so his behaviour gave me a foreboding sense of ill. Two weeks (almost three for the twins) stretch on ahead of us, without much in the way of entertainment or places to visit,… Continue reading A day in the life

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A call in the night

The trill of the phone breaks into the night's silence. My hand reaches out from under the doona to grasp my mobile before it buzzes off the bedside table. 'Hello?' My voice is sleep-croaky. 'It's Bess.' There is something about the voice that makes me sit up. At the same time, my heart races inside… Continue reading A call in the night