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The job search process

I am busy applying for jobs. Each day, I receive emails from online job search sites, such as seek or indeed. I flick through and I apply for any role I think I'm well matched to. The part that scores deep with each application is the key selection criteria. When did this become so cumbersome.… Continue reading The job search process


On a Walking Tour (short fiction)

'Yikes,' Shelly muttered under her breath. She was standing among a group of strangers, ready to begin a walking tour of Melbourne's laneways. The tour guide had just explained his First Aid qualifications, and that the group would only use designated pedestrian crossings when crossing major streets. Shelly made eye contact with the couple from… Continue reading On a Walking Tour (short fiction)

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The past few days here in Melbourne have been beautiful. Spring is here, and I think everyone feels a little lighter, brighter as we shrug off our winter blankets. There is an energy force that is stirring everyone. I actually like winter. I don't mind the cold weather and I think Melbourne has a needlessly… Continue reading Spring

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Back to work

So, my life has become a little hectic. I have started work. You know, a leave-the-house job, where I walk in at a mutually agreed time and stay there until a mutually agreed finish. In between those times I am at a desk tapping away. It's a great job. I am thrilled, excited and humbled.… Continue reading Back to work


Life and love and a wedding

On Saturday night, wearing my pyjamas and with prosecco in hand, I watched the Royal Wedding. I thought the whole shindig was classy and stylish. The day itself was magnificent: those clear blue skies and lush green surrounds, juxtaposed against the grey hues of the medieval castle provided a stunning backdrop as royals and celebrities… Continue reading Life and love and a wedding