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The knock

The alarm wakes Lia from a deep slumber. Her hand reaches to her phone, she presses the button to cease its beeping. She throws back the covers and stands at the side of the bed; with a bounce she makes her way to the en suite. 'Oh shit!' she cries. Matty has already left for… Continue reading The knock

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Nelly and Paul

It strikes Nelly anew that trust is built over minutes, hours, years. Decades even, if you get that far. She sips her chamomile tea; its calming aroma does its job. She sighs, and dries her eyes. When Paul came home last night, she knew immediately that something was amiss. 'You right?' she asked, looking up… Continue reading Nelly and Paul

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Crossing the bridge

'I'm afraid,' I say. Fear shivers through my body. My eyes are squeezed shut. It's no good, I know what lies beneath. I feel Mike's hands take my own. 'God you're shaking,' he whispers. 'I've got you, babe. Edge towards me.' I can't move. My feet are blocks of wood. 'Mike.' Tears spill onto my… Continue reading Crossing the bridge

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A Tough Crowd

Lucy's opening gambit was meant to inject a feeling of camaraderie in the audience, to generate a few laughs. Instead, silence. Blank stares. She could hear a pin drop. She cleared her throat. 'Jeez, tough crowd today.' She glanced around, hoping to find a pair of kind eyes gazing back at her. Heads were lowered;… Continue reading A Tough Crowd

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Will’s Decision

This post follows on from Will's Dismissal.   Will stands on the footpath, holding his box of possessions. The leaves on his peace lily wilt, a perfect metaphor for his life right now. He checks the Uber app on his phone; the driver still two minutes away. He watches as people bustle around him. Corporate… Continue reading Will’s Decision