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The Session

The flickering candles give off a spooky light in the room. My fingers lightly grasp the fabric of the curtains; I turn to face the hallway and rickety staircase, consider leaving. 'Welcome, dear,' a female voice calls. The curtain slips from my hand and I'm standing in the dimly lit room. My eyes make out… Continue reading The Session

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Lord of the Idiots

Katie was in a hurry to get home. A long drive, more than six hours, since she left Nick's place. This long-distance relationship thing was just not going to work for much longer. A decision would have to be made. Either break up, or they move closer. Placing her water bottle to her lips, she… Continue reading Lord of the Idiots

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Other Worlds

Sarah watches the plume of smoke trail into air. Up higher it rises, to the zenith. 'Ya right?' asks Dave. He doesn't understand her fascination with the celestial world. Her thirst for knowing what else is up there, out there. Beyond. She simply shrugs, 'Just watching the smoke. Isn't it gorgeous? Look how it trickles… Continue reading Other Worlds

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Anna-Maria sits across from Jim and watches him surreptitiously. He's reading the newspaper, old-school, a broadsheet. Sips his coffee, his scrambled eggs congealed in a lump on his plate. Is he happy? She's not. Any memory of happiness for her is a blur. She can't even remember what laughter sounds like. But Jim? She's never… Continue reading Revenge

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On my first glimpse inside the yurt, I'm unimpressed. It's a tent. And I'm not a camping kinda girl. Nor glamping, for that matter. But John gives me a nudge, so forceful I almost lose my balance, and it's enough to jolt me out of my selfishness. I breathe in deeply through my nose, and… Continue reading Glamping