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The children tumble over each other in the rush to the food station. 'Line up, please.' The Year Level Coordinator, Ben, calls directives to the group. Sarah is amazed, as always, when they do exactly as Ben has asked. Sarah had been nervous about her first school camp as a Year 3 teacher; she'd felt… Continue reading Camp

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The Quiet Life

The rain pelts against the glass. Erin leans her head against the window, stares as the droplets trickle in front of her eyes. She lifts a finger, traces one all the way from the top of the window frame to the lower frame, at hip height. 'Come on Erin,' she says. 'What'll you do today?'… Continue reading The Quiet Life

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Love at the Bar

I'm at the bar, alone. To my left, in the dark corner just where the corridor to the toilets begins, Cheryl, my wing woman and BFF, is engaged in some pretty active pashing with the bloke she picked up an hour ago; his hand is up her top, groping. I'll give her about five minutes… Continue reading Love at the Bar

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Art Form

Sadie watches the colours coalesce on the tray. With her brush she mixes the distinct red with the deep blue, and like always, is amazed as the two primary shades become purple. Not quite the purple she's after, though, so she adds a blob more of red and continues to swirl with her brush. She… Continue reading Art Form

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Home early

It's like a brick to the back of my head. This scene. It's hard to look at. Doesn't add up to what I thought I knew about Joe. He was like a tornado. Created a whirlwind in my life, wooing, chasing, romancing until I relented. We went on a date that never ended: he stayed… Continue reading Home early