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Leaving Home

On her back, staring up at the star-spangled sky, Emily's thoughts flow fast. She's going to move out. Leave her mother to rot in the house alone. Yesterday, the fight between Emily and her mum was the final straw. The moment her resolve was strengthened. She thinks back to her mother's hurtful words. 'Ya little… Continue reading Leaving Home

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It's cold at the table. Not the kind of cold that can be fixed by turning up the heater. It's the company, my dinner companion. Grandma is stern; her face set like concrete as she hands out the platter of potatoes. 'I told you not to play with that crowd,' she says. Her lips are… Continue reading Sleepover

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Into the Night

'What is that? Up ahead?' 'Oh God,' said Ben. 'It can't be the police. Surely. Not at this time of night.' Tammy and Ben are driving through the night. Hopeful that they'll sneak across the border without being stopped. 'It looks like a person.' They're too far away, and it's too dark for Tammy to… Continue reading Into the Night

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Rinse and Repeat

Be still. Sit amongst the pain. This is what my counsellor says. Clearly he doesn't know, can't recognise the level of my pain. Oh sure, he tells me every session he sees patients with extreme issues; my problems are manageable. But I don't think he truly understands. But that's what I'm doing now, in my… Continue reading Rinse and Repeat

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To the Wedding

Cheryl watched the sky from the window seat in her bedroom. It was her favourite past time when she was perplexed about making life decisions. Many times, she'd seen answers in the shapes and patterns in the cloudscape. Today, though, there was nothing but clear blue as far as she could see. She should feel… Continue reading To the Wedding