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At the ballet

Once inside the auditorium, Rosa and Barry checked their tickets. Their argument forgotten. For now. Rosa still fumed; it was as if her insides were boiling in a pot. 'We're in Row D, seats 33 and 34,' Barry said. 'Hurry. I bet Doug and Marie are already seated.' Rosa's head and neck lengthened. Oh how… Continue reading At the ballet

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Beckie’s event

'Oh no, Beckie, you look ace!' exclaims Susannah. I'm standing in front of a full-length mirror, wearing a LBD, turning this way and that. Trying to see how I look from all angles. I've just complained that I look too chunky. Tonight is the gala event for work. It's huge. We've leased the ballroom at… Continue reading Beckie’s event

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Night Terror

There's a dark shadowy figure lurking outside in the shadows. Definitely human, probably male. Standing at my window, hidden by the curtains, I watch in fear. Each heart beat pounds in my ears. My body frozen to the spot. Danny snores in the next room. No doubt the shadow outside has something to do with… Continue reading Night Terror

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Janie at Lunch

In the lunch room, in back-of-house behind the store, Janie sat at a table on her own. She ate her chicken sandwich, and sipped her peppermint tea, listening to those around her make plans for the weekend. 'I'm going to the movies with me mate,' said Mike, the floor manager. 'What about you?' Sue paused,… Continue reading Janie at Lunch

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I cling to my purse, hesitating at the checkout. These are not luxuries that I am purchasing, but necessities for my family. The woman in queue behind me huffs with impatience. I turn slightly, give a wan smile. 'Sorry,' I say. 'Can you just pay? I'm kinda in a hurry.' 'Of course.' I'm trying to… Continue reading Checkout