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The picnic

The dog bared its teeth and lurched forward on the leash. 'Easy, Boris,' soothed the owner. He held tightly, but, from where she stood, Mindy could see his grip was slipping. Mindy had been enjoying a picnic in the park with her family. They were lying on the blanket under the shade of the jacaranda;… Continue reading The picnic

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I creep in next to their bed. Mouths gaping wide, like a laughing clown at the fair. I stare at them. They look different, slack jowls and closed eyes. Dad's snoring is loud, his lips quiver; he turns over. The bed wobbles. 'Mummy,' I say shaking her shoulder. 'Hmm?' 'Mummy, wake up!' Her eyes fly… Continue reading Hug

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Laura felt great. She was keeping a nice rhythm, her head and body in sync. She was ahead of the pack, too. Oh, she could hear the collective pounding of their feet hitting the road. But she was in front of them and there were perhaps ten or so others in front of her. Not… Continue reading Marathon

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Peggy’s ring

'Is this a hustle?' I ask, wary. Not so long ago, I'd been the victim of a scheme. I'd foolishly fallen for a Nigerian prince. I know, you're rolling your eyes, stifling a guffaw, aren't you? I was like you once, the kind of person that mutters, How could she be so stupid? Until it… Continue reading Peggy’s ring

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Behind enemy’s door (short fiction)

With stealth, I pass through the open gate. I feel each heart beat like a strike on a timpany; it shudders to my core. I step towards the front door. Lift my hand to the brass knocker. My fingers are trembling, shaking. I take a deep breath, and remind myself this is my childhood home.… Continue reading Behind enemy’s door (short fiction)