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The value in friendship

  The heart is empty, A soul cries, devoid Of hope. Anxiety traps   And holds. A gasp of breath, A whimper escapes. She speaks, And in confession somehow,   Hope renews. Through trust built Over time, an intimacy Fostered, by disclosing concerns,   Recounting moments of joy, The value in friendship Is immense, immeasurable.… Continue reading The value in friendship

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Working from home

I am currently, like most of the world's population, working from home. One of the positives is that the amount of time on my hands seems to have increased. I have time to write here on my blog on my work days, whereas usually, I have to skip these days. But in the time that… Continue reading Working from home

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My choice

The door bell tinkles. I am in the back, filling the kettle with water. Desperate for a cup of tea and a biscuit. I leave the kettle on the bench and fling the curtain wide. She stands, somewhat stooped, in the room. Her eyes downcast. The aura from this girl is forceful, yet stilted. Blocked,… Continue reading My choice

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Party time

'I'll pass, thanks.' The voice is sharp, cutting. Jackie glances up, shocked. The woman's eyes are dark, her jaw clenched. Somehow, Jackie has offended her. 'Of course,' Jackie responds. She gives the woman a smile and begins to move on. 'To be honest,' the woman continues. 'I think you're wrong even hosting this. In these… Continue reading Party time

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Sleepless in Melbourne

My mind is busy, filled with concerns: universal, individual, shared and guarded. I wish I could sweep it clean, dust out the corners, so that I can rest. But I close my eyes and my brain flickers to life. A movie reel playing out scenes of what-if, and repeats of what-was. After retiring for the… Continue reading Sleepless in Melbourne