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Lily and Anna

Lily is usually gregarious. During the past week, though, her mum's noticed she's been sullen and withdrawn. She comes home from school, heads straight upstairs to her room, closes the door and refuses to respond to Anna's repeated attempts to engage her. Anna's worried. Her little girl, Lily. So sweet from birth. Giggling, responsive, outgoing.… Continue reading Lily and Anna

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Fix the world

I marvel at the world today. There's so much to feel good about, so much to be thankful for. Yet, people are fighting. They're set against each other, screaming and yelling in the name of peace and equality. It's ironic. Last night, on the ABC's Q&A program, author Ruby Hamad had a go at fellow… Continue reading Fix the world

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All good things…

Children are caprice beings. There is irrefutable evidence to support this, both anecdotal (from my three alone) and empirical (just do a quick Google search if you need scholarly articles to back up my statement). However, as my darlings grow in age, I'm thrilled to see they're growing in maturity as well. I know this… Continue reading All good things…

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Arabella’s mistake

Click to read Parts 1 and 2   Last night Arabella had made her decision. She slipped between the cool sheets and drifted into a fitful, broken sleep. She woke gasping from a dream. Martha was kissing her. Katy Perry's song I kissed a girl was playing. Where was she? Arabella shook her head. It… Continue reading Arabella’s mistake

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In the night (Part 2)

When I open my eyes, I see bright flashing lights. A shadow on the wall. I am in my hallway. Where is Bob? 'Bob?' I call. I don't remember what happened after the door was ripped from its hinges. A woman walks towards me. She's in uniform, a police officer. 'Helena, you're in shock,' she… Continue reading In the night (Part 2)