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Waiting for answers

Part B to Smashing Morning. Click here if you missed it. Six weeks and many rage-turns later, we are no closer to an answer to what is plaguing Erich. I am on the chaise longue, reading a book. Erich is sleeping after his latest turn. He becomes exhausted afterwards. Never remembers, just crawls into our… Continue reading Waiting for answers

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New Life

In Sylvia's new life, she has composure and self-assurance. None of this wallflower bullshit anymore. She's proud of herself, and rightly so. Or at least that's what her counsellor keeps telling her. Sylvia's not certain at what point she began to be brave. But slowly she listened to her inner voice, the one that said… Continue reading New Life

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Eleanor’s visit

'Morning John,' Eleanor said, entering his small room. 'Who are you?' he snarled. Life had been dark, colourless since John lost his memory. 'I'm Eleanor.' 'I had a wife called Eleanor.' 'I am your wife, darling.' 'Nah, you're an ugly bitch. Eleanor was loving and kind. Beautiful.' He glared accusingly at her. He remained seated… Continue reading Eleanor’s visit

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'Marissa,' Peter, her boss, said, interrupting her conversation with Zara. They were standing in the work kitchen while Zara warmed her lunch in the microwave. Dirty dishes stacked in a wonky tower on one side of the sink; clean, dry dishes on the wooden draining board, with a stained tea towel over the top. Peter… Continue reading Busted

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Nicki’s creation

Nicki stumbled on her way to the canvas. Her pallette crashed onto the floor. 'Shit!' She did nothing but watch as the black paint meshed into the white. She crouched down onto her knees, slid forward so that she lay on her side, with her hand supporting her head. The mess she'd created by dropping… Continue reading Nicki’s creation