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An Accident

I gaze at the face blankly staring past my own. I am frozen, fear consuming me. I didn't see her coming. She looks about eight years old. Passers-by gather, forming an outer circle, as if by approaching they will become complicit in my crime. Minutes pass like hours before a woman, probably in her 40s… Continue reading An Accident

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At the farm

'He's slippery, almost reptilian,' Laura said, with a shudder. Laura and Sophie were walking back to the farmhouse. They'd been hiking along the river bed in gum boots and holding long sticks. 'He's so not!' Sophie said, fiercely defending her primary school crush. 'He was lovely to me, all those years ago.' 'Yes, but now?… Continue reading At the farm

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The ring

I am madly searching through the rubbish. Ripping through full bin liners, contents slopping over my hands and fingers. 'Christ,' I murmur. An indeterminable liquid dribbles down my arm. The stench is foul, rancid. I cough. 'Are you sure it's in the rubbish?' Pete calls from the verandah. Stupid question. I ignore him. 'Hun?' he… Continue reading The ring