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Arabella’s mistake

Click to read Parts 1 and 2   Last night Arabella had made her decision. She slipped between the cool sheets and drifted into a fitful, broken sleep. She woke gasping from a dream. Martha was kissing her. Katy Perry's song I kissed a girl was playing. Where was she? Arabella shook her head. It… Continue reading Arabella’s mistake

Fiction, Health and wellbeing, Melbourne, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Coming to a Decision

Eventually, Arabella would have to make a decision. She was slumped in her chair, swinging back and forth, her fingers tightly gripping the armrests. It had been nearly two weeks since her last appointment with Martha. She'd spent her meditation moments each day pondering her relationship with Austin. She tried to see cracks. She tried… Continue reading Coming to a Decision

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Home again

It's 9AM here on Saturday morning. Our Girl and I have had an early netball match, but we are home again, safely returned to the nest. It was a frustrating game to coach today. Our team was superior in terms of their skills and understanding of the rules, but we lost. Why did we lose?… Continue reading Home again

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'Jesus Christ!' Fee heard Charlie's yell from upstairs. She was putting away clothes in Char's bedroom. After putting the last of her tops and undies in drawers she followed the sound of whimpering. 'What's the matter Char?' 'Mum!' Char was holding out her hand, blood pooled in her palm. At sixteen, Char was almost a… Continue reading Cut

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Visitors at the campsite

Becky sat under the canopy of stars, holding a mug full of whiskey. The night air felt thick and constricting. She breathed in, deep into her lungs before kicking dirt over the fire. She walked to the tent, where Matt was snoring. Damn it. Knowing she'd be unable to drift off to sleep with Matt's… Continue reading Visitors at the campsite