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To School

'I told you not to tell anyone,' I say to Ruby. She's got the biggest blabby mouth of anyone I know. 'But I just told my friend from ballet. She doesn't know who Jack is.' Ruby lifts her jaw, flicks her long blonde hair over her shoulder. 'I guess.' We walk the rest of the… Continue reading To School

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Chloe and Sybil

There had always been a rivalry between the two of them. Chloe's mind goes back to the primary school playground, on Sybil's first day. They were seven years old, swinging on the monkey bars. 'Where are you from?' Chloe asked. Knees hooked over the bar, dangling. The ground was the sky and her hands could… Continue reading Chloe and Sybil

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Sissy and Maribelle

'How're you going?' I ask my friend, Sissy, as we meet for our morning walk. It's my usual greeting. An alternative to saying hello, or a formal 'Good morning'. 'Oh you know...' her voice trails off. This is not how she normally responds. I give her a sideways glance and see her eyes are welling… Continue reading Sissy and Maribelle

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At the farm

'He's slippery, almost reptilian,' Laura said, with a shudder. Laura and Sophie were walking back to the farmhouse. They'd been hiking along the river bed in gum boots and holding long sticks. 'He's so not!' Sophie said, fiercely defending her primary school crush. 'He was lovely to me, all those years ago.' 'Yes, but now?… Continue reading At the farm

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At the local pool

'A what?' I ask. 'Brammer,' she replies. 'Don't you think he's a real brammer?' My friend, Maggie, is always trying to display her superior language skills. 'Never heard it before, so I can't say.' 'A remarkable, attractive person,' Maggie says with a smirk. I can't argue with her. He is quite dishy. As usual, Maggie's… Continue reading At the local pool