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Hettie’s new friend

'Hettie!' called Mindy one afternoon as Hettie walked laps of the school during lunch break. Hettie wasn't sporty; not pretty, not clever. Just average. But her bones ached from loneliness. Hettie looked up, suspicious. Mindy had never uttered a word to her before; she had, until now, assumed Mindy didn't even know her name.┬áMindy was… Continue reading Hettie’s new friend

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The Middle

Recently, my family and I have been watching The Middle on CatchUp TV. After dinner, we sit together to take in the latest woes of the Heck family. We are into Season 4, so no spoilers please. I don't know how this nugget of sitcom gold escaped my attention over the last decade. Perhaps I… Continue reading The Middle



Yesterday, I hit a milestone with my blog: 200 posts. Small beans to some, I know. But I'm proud of myself. Last year, I set myself a goal of being more open with my writing. Putting myself out there. And I've done that, on here and with my manuscripts. Over this past year, there's been… Continue reading Milestone

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A homecoming

I moved from Adelaide to Melbourne as a young woman, in my mid-twenties. The first time I went back to visit, I was astonished to see the city of Adelaide and its surrounds, as if through fresh eyes. As the plane began its descent, the first thing that struck me was the lack of hills… Continue reading A homecoming

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Life in Threes

Today's word prompt is: three. What does three mean to me? Three children. My loves, my very best work. OK, so I didn't do it alone, but you get my meaning. They are wonderful teachers, reminding me daily that my words and actions don't add up. They are great little humans...sure, sometimes they are draining… Continue reading Life in Threes