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Why is there always one

My mobile rang this afternoon; the number not from within my contacts, but also not withheld. 'Hello, this is Linda,' I answered in a cheery tone, despite a heavy, sinking feeling in my stomach. I instinctively knew what the phone call was about. The voice confirmed, albeit in a polite and friendly manner, my thoughts.… Continue reading Why is there always one

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Fitness and Disappointment

The light breeze caused a leaf to dance across the grass. I stared in awe as it blew along. Around me were twelve individuals, plus our trainer, all stretching after our cross-training circuit in the local park. It had been an intense workout, lots of cardio, push-ups and burpees. We went our separate ways, smiling,… Continue reading Fitness and Disappointment

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Life and all its messy bits

Over the past seven or so days, I have experienced quite a few rejections. Some of you, lovely readers, may be aware that I am on the job hunt. And not so long ago, I interviewed for two roles with two different employers on the same day. This was very exciting, and I went into… Continue reading Life and all its messy bits

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Take courage!

Tomorrow is a day of drawing on all my stores of courage. Two job interviews. One job desperately needed. Outstanding performance of a stellar, prospective employee to be displayed. But for today, prep: hair appointment to cover multitude of greys, and practice, practice, practice.   Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash