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Morning Walk

Sally is on her morning walk. She's pacing, puffing; her heart rate high, her body alive. As she passes the homes and their gardens she steals a peek. Even stops to smell a rose at a house with a front yard taken straight out of the botanical gardens. 'Morning!' Sally jumps, startled by the voice… Continue reading Morning Walk

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Barry’s Funeral

He's no longer in pain. It's better this way. He fought a great fight. It was inevitable. These are all phrases that Sylvia hears as she makes her way to the front of the chapel. They grind against her grief like crunching gears. Oh, she knows they mean well, but people have no idea how… Continue reading Barry’s Funeral

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Katrina’s Cat

Katrina was sulking. Oliver was yet to notice, so she pushed her lips into a more pronounced pout as she went about her weekend chores. Running the vacuum over the carpet, she noticed scratch marks on the wooden legs of the dining table. 'Bloody cat,' she muttered under her breath and dragged the vacuum nozzle… Continue reading Katrina’s Cat

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Closing the door behind me as I leave the empty room, a sob catches in my throat. I splutter and cough. 'Mindy? You OK?' asks Charles, calling from the breakfast bar. It's pertinent that he should check on me. Even in my medicated haze, I can tell he's keeping a close watch, in case I… Continue reading Grief

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Small Town Grieving

When Fiona walks in to take her seat at the front, the heat of a thousand gazes burns her skin. She used to know these people well. But she keeps her head low, careful to avoid anyone's eyes. The guilt of the past hangs heavy on her shoulders. It was here, in this very room… Continue reading Small Town Grieving