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Losing Mia

Barry and I were in a small room, just off from triage. It was styled with a sofa, two arm chairs, a small occasional table with a lamp, and cheap art work. Also on the table were brochures: organ donation, funeral homes, cancer foundations, and SIDS. And a vase of plastic flowers. We knew instinctively… Continue reading Losing Mia

Family, Fiction, Health and wellbeing, Melbourne, Parenting, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Portrait of Will

The portrait hangs on the wall. A reminder of better times. Sarah doesn't notice it most of the time, but today she's dusting the sideboard underneath it. As she picks up the candle to dust underneath, she looks at him. His dark chocolate eyes are staring back at her. Such a handsome, symmetrical face. Tears… Continue reading Portrait of Will

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Elle’s Demise

The heat saps strength, leaving Elle desperately tired. Her muscles ache, a gentle throbbing in her hips and thighs. Her shoulders are ropy. She'd like to retire. But it's still years away. Five if she's lucky, if she's done her sums correctly. More like twenty, if the conspiracy theorists are right. Elle heaves herself out… Continue reading Elle’s Demise

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Her disease

Jen dressed carefully. She wanted to look good, but not overdone. Three shirts, two dresses and five pants already littered the floor at her feet. With a huff, she chose her black skinny jeans, rolled up the cuffs, donned her espadrille wedges and threw on a white shirt. She stared critically at the mirror. 'It'll… Continue reading Her disease

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A star surprise

Last night, Hubster and I watched A Star is Born. I have been wanting to watch it for a long time, so settled myself on the couch, reclined comfortably and... And now I need counselling. That movie traumatised me. I have never seen any previous adaptations, so I did not know the grief in store.… Continue reading A star surprise