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A Dream

I dream of places far and near, by the beach or in a treetop hideaway. Pristine accommodation, a huge bathtub for soaking and maybe a hammock in which to nap or read a book. Mountains with cable cars, walking tracks provide new sights to explore. Boat rides and bus tours with guides who tell tales… Continue reading A Dream

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At the campsite

'Take a hike, moron!' Ben yelled. Sarah was on her back on the ground. She wasn't moving. Ben stared, then knelt beside her. 'Sarah, come on!' he said. 'Wake up.' He rubbed her head, shook her gently. The moron was now limping towards the horizon. What Ben would give to have finished the job, to… Continue reading At the campsite

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Hazy mornings

The mornings are dark and crisp. Autumn is my favourite season. Well, I love winter, too. I suppose autumn serves as a signpost for me: of cooler air, dark evenings, biting winds, wood fires, coats, scarves, tights and boots. This morning I woke, snuggled under the doona, in a haze. Confused. My sleep so deep… Continue reading Hazy mornings

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A holiday

A holiday would be nice. I dream of sandy beaches. Massages and pedicures poolside. Cocktails at the swim-up bar. Heat, sunshine, sunscreen, hats, kids splashing, fun in the water. Alas, it is all a dream. Unreachable in reality. For now.   Photo by Syd Sujuaan on Unsplash