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Into the Night

'What is that? Up ahead?' 'Oh God,' said Ben. 'It can't be the police. Surely. Not at this time of night.' Tammy and Ben are driving through the night. Hopeful that they'll sneak across the border without being stopped. 'It looks like a person.' They're too far away, and it's too dark for Tammy to… Continue reading Into the Night

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On tenterhooks, I wait for the postie to arrive. It's been weeks since I placed the order and I received a delivery notification this morning, stating that my parcel will arrive today. At various times throughout the day, I realise I'm holding my breath. I relax, let it out in a whoosh and take a… Continue reading Parcel

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The truth of the evening

I'll tell you the truth. The others won't, but you can count on me. Sit awhile, take a moment to relax, make a cuppa perhaps, while I give you the whole story. We were at the soiree. You know, the annual fundraiser for the footy club. Oh, and I guess you need to know who… Continue reading The truth of the evening

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The hours between

It's Good Friday here in Australia. I'm reminding my children, especially T1 who is bemoaning there is nothing to watch besides (countless, pointless) YouTube clips (with annoying American gamers), that when I was their age I went to church on Good Friday ALL DAY. We were rushed out the door before 8.30AM and arrived back… Continue reading The hours between

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The view from the aisles

Goodness, it seems we're in quite a predicament. People of Australia are bracing for Covid19 impact by behaving in quite a selfish manner. Most of the population have jettisoned social norms and niceties; they no longer tolerate positive aspects of community living: sharing, kindness, and even the Aussie attitude of 'she'll be right, mate!' I… Continue reading The view from the aisles