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In the night (Part 3)

The grass needs mowing. It is my first thought as I'm ushered inside by my mum. I say as much to her; she either doesn't hear or wilfully ignores me. Home invasion. Two months ago. I spent two nights in hospital before Mum took charge. She brought a suitcase, together we took the V-line to… Continue reading In the night (Part 3)

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In the night (Part 2)

When I open my eyes, I see bright flashing lights. A shadow on the wall. I am in my hallway. Where is Bob? 'Bob?' I call. I don't remember what happened after the door was ripped from its hinges. A woman walks towards me. She's in uniform, a police officer. 'Helena, you're in shock,' she… Continue reading In the night (Part 2)

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At the supermarket

Standing in line at the checkout, she is warm and her armpits damp, despite the chilly day and her coat and scarf. She holds her breath as she watches each item scanned, then placed in her bags by the operator. Her eyes flick to the screen. $45. Glancing along the conveyor belt, she nervously estimates… Continue reading At the supermarket

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Mount Lofty

Years ago, as a teenage girl growing in Adelaide, I dreamed of many things. Well, perhaps not many; probably only a few, such as kissing boys and falling in love and getting married. A world-changer, I was not. There was, and still is, a scenic lookout in the foothills of Adelaide called Mount Lofty. Couples… Continue reading Mount Lofty

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At the campsite

'Take a hike, moron!' Ben yelled. Sarah was on her back on the ground. She wasn't moving. Ben stared, then knelt beside her. 'Sarah, come on!' he said. 'Wake up.' He rubbed her head, shook her gently. The moron was now limping towards the horizon. What Ben would give to have finished the job, to… Continue reading At the campsite