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The view from the aisles

Goodness, it seems we're in quite a predicament. People of Australia are bracing for Covid19 impact by behaving in quite a selfish manner. Most of the population have jettisoned social norms and niceties; they no longer tolerate positive aspects of community living: sharing, kindness, and even the Aussie attitude of 'she'll be right, mate!' I… Continue reading The view from the aisles

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The beginning of the end

Losing water was the first sign. Initially Mara thought she'd forgotten to pay the bill. She went to make a call and found the phone lines were down, too. 'Brad?' she called. 'Are we up to date with the bills?' Rustling from the back garden was the only response. 'Brad!' This time she yelled. 'Huh?'… Continue reading The beginning of the end

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Offer for Patricia

'But what will I have to do?' Patricia asked. Her cheeks were flushed, a deep rosy red and she was wringing her hands. 'Oh, it's nothing too dramatic,' Mr Burns replied. 'Pretty cushy, really. Answer telephone calls, grab morning tea orders from staff and phone them through to the cafe. Stationery orders. Greet visitors, sign… Continue reading Offer for Patricia

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Wanting more

'It's so nice to finally meet you.' He clasped my hand in his as he spoke, squeezing it hard. I tried not to wince. 'Yes, well,' he mumbled. He squinted his eyes slightly and his gaze dropped to my chest. He cleared his throat. 'I knew your mother. Very well. I'm sorry to hear about… Continue reading Wanting more

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Lucy's eyes dart as she enters the crowded room. She knows he's here. She can feel his presence; it creeps insidiously, like evil tendrils. The threat of him is ever-present.¬†She sees AJ in the corner, sipping a huge glass of red. Lucy begins to cross the room to get to her and smacks right into… Continue reading Party