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Smashing morning

Erich traces his finger along my spine as I lie on my belly. The morning sun splinters through the gap in the curtains. I open one eye. 'Morning,' I say. My voice is sleep-croaky. 'Sleep well?' he asks. I didn't. Each moment I felt close to falling off, one leg twitched and jerked involuntarily. I… Continue reading Smashing morning

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Dreams of being…

What do you want to be when you grow up? This question plagued me throughout my childhood. I didn't know the answer. Unlike seemingly everyone around me, I held no clue to my own skills, talents and dreams. I moved from wanting to be a famous actress, to an ice-skater (it doesn't EVER snow in… Continue reading Dreams of being…


Dark and light

  The little girl shrunk Her doll fell to the floor A shadow cast its sense Of fear and danger.   The room darkened The shadow grew to fill The entire space Heart pumped, loud.   The doll spoke to her 'Come to me and You'll be safe.' Obediently, she went.   The doll was… Continue reading Dark and light


On attending a book launch

I attended a book launch recently. The newly published book, entitled What the Light Reveals, is a strapping read of family ties and binding love, Russian spies in Australia in the 1950s, and an ordinary couple raising their two children. The author, Mick McCoy, attended the same writing workshop that I went to recently, albeit… Continue reading On attending a book launch

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The wonder of imagination

The imagination is a powerful tool. Confined only by our own limits, the imagination provides a means of escape, motivation, vision and amnesia. There is a plethora of research about the role that imaginary play has in the development of a child. I know it formed the base of nearly every discussion in my appointments… Continue reading The wonder of imagination