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Freedom Fighters

'I'll need you to disseminate this information quickly, Bruce,' I said. He lifted his gaze to meet my own. We both knew the implications behind the message. My people had become restless; when I toured the provinces, the feeling emanating from them was almost tangible, visible, like rustling leaves in a tree. I could hear… Continue reading Freedom Fighters

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Still locked down

I can't even find words today that won't descend into an allegation of rage against Andrews and the State of Disaster Melburnians STILL find themselves in. He has to be toppled from leadership, surely? Last week, he assured Melburnians there'd be an announcement on Sunday (yesterday) that would relax the harsh restrictions we're living under.… Continue reading Still locked down

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Looks like Melbourne's putting on a beautiful day. From where I sit, looking over the milk froth in my coffee, I see the patterns of light and shade created by the movement of trees and a clear blue sky. Gorgeous. I do have to venture out today, too. I'm taking Our Girl and T2 to… Continue reading Outside

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It's spring in Melbourne. Such a gorgeous time of year. My tree-lined street is filled with buds and blossom; the air warms and everybody bustles about, keen to crawl out from hibernation. Well, not this year. It's still spring---the government hasn't been able to alter the seasons---but we are all withheld from our usual happy… Continue reading Spring?

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The holidays

School holidays here in Melbourne for the next two weeks. Not that much will change in people's daily lives, given the inexorable lockdown measures. Hubster and I have just laid down some ground rules regarding device usage over these next two weeks. T1 and T2 mistakenly assumed they would be sitting in their room, curtains… Continue reading The holidays