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Small Town Grieving

When Fiona walks in to take her seat at the front, the heat of a thousand gazes burns her skin. She used to know these people well. But she keeps her head low, careful to avoid anyone's eyes. The guilt of the past hangs heavy on her shoulders. It was here, in this very room… Continue reading Small Town Grieving

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Elle’s Demise

The heat saps strength, leaving Elle desperately tired. Her muscles ache, a gentle throbbing in her hips and thighs. Her shoulders are ropy. She'd like to retire. But it's still years away. Five if she's lucky, if she's done her sums correctly. More like twenty, if the conspiracy theorists are right. Elle heaves herself out… Continue reading Elle’s Demise

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A star surprise

Last night, Hubster and I watched A Star is Born. I have been wanting to watch it for a long time, so settled myself on the couch, reclined comfortably and... And now I need counselling. That movie traumatised me. I have never seen any previous adaptations, so I did not know the grief in store.… Continue reading A star surprise


The Watcher (short fiction)

'Mummy!' From my vantage spot, I see a young girl call to her mother, running with her arms open. The woman does likewise and they collide with a force of love, so strong it brings tears rolling down my cheeks. I wonder again, why I am here in the park. A place where women bring… Continue reading The Watcher (short fiction)


Other People’s Children (extract)

*This is an extract from my manuscript, Blood and Fire. It is set in Melbourne, over twenty years ago, in the residential training facility of a cult-like organisation. Please forgive any references in the text which are unexplained.*   It seemed there was a roster for every activity in the college. In addition to house… Continue reading Other People’s Children (extract)