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Beckie’s event

'Oh no, Beckie, you look ace!' exclaims Susannah. I'm standing in front of a full-length mirror, wearing a LBD, turning this way and that. Trying to see how I look from all angles. I've just complained that I look too chunky. Tonight is the gala event for work. It's huge. We've leased the ballroom at… Continue reading Beckie’s event

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Laurie read the article in the newspaper. As each word's meaning sunk in, chunks of her heart chipped off. It was her debut novel. Ten years of her life had been spent writing it. Acclaimed by all at her launch, and selling well, but this one literary critic decided to vilify her, and her work.… Continue reading Critique

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Tea and conversation

'Let's have a cuppa,' said Evaline. I nodded. Hadn't spoken a word since last night. The morning sun shone through her kitchen window, but failed to warm the deathly cold that sat like a stone in my core. Evaline was the best neighbour anyone could hope for. Her kettle was always warm; a cup of… Continue reading Tea and conversation

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Messages from Mallory

Elias slammed his laptop shut. He rubbed his hands through his hair in exasperation then, after a beat, opened it up again. 'She can't be serious,' he said, muttering under his breath. The screen was still black. The laptop years old; slow to load, unlike his rage at her. How could she write such an… Continue reading Messages from Mallory

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Puppy Love

Millie sits on the grass, her back against a tree and watches the puppy play. It scampers around while its owners walk the boundary of the park, flitting between their legs. The dog almost trips the lady. 'Scout,' she says tersely. She then mutters something to her partner, which Millie can't hear. A lead is… Continue reading Puppy Love