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Puppy Love

Millie sits on the grass, her back against a tree and watches the puppy play. It scampers around while its owners walk the boundary of the park, flitting between their legs. The dog almost trips the lady. 'Scout,' she says tersely. She then mutters something to her partner, which Millie can't hear. A lead is… Continue reading Puppy Love

Family, Fiction, Melbourne, Relationship and marriage, Writing


The chilly night air snaked its way up Mikayla's legs, despite the warm blanket draped over her. Lying on the banana lounge, she stared up at the sky. Dark like treacle, not a single star shining. Just the dim glow of the moon, high above her head. Ben was inside, emptying the dishwasher. Clunking plates… Continue reading Awakening

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At Midnight

Katie watched her daughter, Olive, tiptoe to her room. Not a sound from any footfall. Even avoided the squeaky spots in the floorboards. She was good, clearly adept at creeping home after curfew. From where she stood, leaning against the doorframe, Katie wondered where she went wrong. Probably trying to take on the father role… Continue reading At Midnight

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The Donation

'I don't want a fuss made,' said Miriam. 'Nonsense. This deserves recognition. You've worked really hard.' The woman on the phone was insistent, but gentle in her tone. Miriam screwed up her nose, and with her bottom lip trembling, said, 'It's not my style.' 'But this is a huge deal, Miriam. You've raised so much… Continue reading The Donation

Family, Fiction, Melbourne, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Witness (Part 2)

To read Part 1, click here. Anna nodded as her mum spoke. 'I'm right, aren't I, dear,' said Betty. Anna paused. 'Mum,' she said. 'There's more to it.' She had to tell her that the body she'd found in the shrubs was her ex-husband's. The police would be knocking on her front door soon. Perhaps… Continue reading Witness (Part 2)