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Heading home

At the terminal, Ally pauses out the front of the gift shop. The candles and potions beckon her inside. A friendly shop assistant smiles. 'Good morning,' she says. 'How may I help you today?' 'Just browsing thanks,' Ally responds, more tersely than she intends. 'Of course. I'm around if you have any questions.' Ally wanders… Continue reading Heading home

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Time to move on

'There's something wrong,' I said, looking up with a frown. 'I think the spring is broken.' 'Why do you say that?' Mathew asked, wiping his hands on his jeans. Arsehole. He erred on the side of me being stupid, unknowing. Not what you'd call a supportive bloke. Many of my friends, and especially my parents,… Continue reading Time to move on

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The Job

Gillian pushed through the crowd, desperate to find him. She checked her watch. Ten minutes to go. Where is he? She stomped her foot in exasperation. A waiter passed by, so close his jacket brushed her arm; Gillian snatched a glass of white wine from the tray and nodded her thanks. The waiter slightly bowed… Continue reading The Job

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Lara Gets Lost

I look up, past her knees, past her waist. Her head is bowed, lit gently by her phone's screen. I tap her leg. 'Mummy.' 'Just a sec, honey child,' she murmurs. Her eyes don't look at me, but her fingers stop tapping the screen and briefly touch my cheek. It feels warm. I like it… Continue reading Lara Gets Lost

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To the promised land

'Increase your profile. Build your brand. It's the only way to market,' says the woman on stage. I roll my eyes and slump in my seat. My hands are crossed over my chest. My friend, Rose, who brought me here is next to me, lapping up every word, her glasses pinching her nose. She's even… Continue reading To the promised land