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Peg’s night out

The sun was high in the sky when Peg woke. She rolled over, burying her face in the pillow to block out the glaring streaks of daylight. Her head thumped, like the doof-doof to a bass line. Her mouth dry and her tongue thick. Peg can't remember much about last night. Can't remember how she… Continue reading Peg’s night out

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Where’s the milk?

'If anyone needs me, I'll be in the back garden!' Millie calls over her shoulder as she walks out the door. There's no response. Not that she was expecting one. They're all watching the telly, eyes wide, jaws slack and hanging. Millie reckons they're watching one of those trashy reality shows, like the Bachelor or… Continue reading Where’s the milk?


Maggie’s Moment (short fiction)

Holding a steaming mug of hot chocolate in her hand, Maggie silently ponders her future. She looks at the lifeless body on her Persian rug. With a sigh, she takes a sip. Not much point regretting this now, she thinks. Maggie clunks the mug onto the coffee table and stands. She wavers on her feet,… Continue reading Maggie’s Moment (short fiction)

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Rainy days

December, in Australia, is traditionally hot. We look forward a sweltering Christmas Day, the air-conditioner struggling to pump out cool air, while at least twenty of our long-lost relatives lounge around in chairs as one person sweats in the stifling kitchen to ready the feast. Most of us still persist with a hot lunch, roasting… Continue reading Rainy days


Going back. A shout-out to child care educators.

This afternoon, I took my three children for a visit to the child-care centre we used when they were pre-schoolers. It's the winter school holidays here in Melbourne, and it's cold. There's not a lot of outdoor fun happening in our house, and it's only day three. But I knew I needed to get the… Continue reading Going back. A shout-out to child care educators.