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Signing the paperwork

The phone rang. Mary-Beth heaved herself from her chair to follow the trill. Where did she leave the handset? There. On the hall table. By the time she reached it, she was breathless. Pressing the Answer button, she said, 'Hello?' 'Mary-Beth, it's Laura. How are you?' A beat. 'Are you OK, you sound out of… Continue reading Signing the paperwork

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Working the Crowds

The crowd is large. Boisterous. Arms outstretched, reaching for me, offering me posies and cards. I smile, slowly edge my way towards the people. I see a little girl, almost crushed between many pairs of legs and the fence line. Her pudgy little hand pushes through the palings; she's holding something. Once I come close,… Continue reading Working the Crowds

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Ordinary Talent

'You think you're that brilliant?' Ethan asks. He's frustrated, I can tell. Rubs his hands through his thinning hair, then rests his head on them. Head bowed. Eyes closed. I mentioned, just five minutes ago, that I didn't need to practice today. That I deserved a day off. I'm tired. Sitting in front of the… Continue reading Ordinary Talent

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Patience. That's what she needs right now. Chewing on a jagged fingernail, Liliana considers her options. She could give up. Give in to the anger. To the voice in her head that constantly tells her she's not good enough. Power down the computer and forget about it all. Wait a day. Perhaps a week even.… Continue reading Patience

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Night Terror

There's a dark shadowy figure lurking outside in the shadows. Definitely human, probably male. Standing at my window, hidden by the curtains, I watch in fear. Each heart beat pounds in my ears. My body frozen to the spot. Danny snores in the next room. No doubt the shadow outside has something to do with… Continue reading Night Terror