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The Ending

'You're a fox,' Tom said, whispering in my ear as we left the restaurant. We were on our third date; everything was going fabulously. No pregnant pauses in conversation, no awkwardness between us. Kisses were a thrill, a promising sign of what was to come. I'd discovered nothing negative about him. Until now. My stomach… Continue reading The Ending

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Harriet and Rose

Harriet is staring at her baby in the cot. Rose is snugly wrapped, eyes closed and asleep; her breath loud, defying her size. At only four weeks old, Rose is beguiling. Harriet, despite a bone-aching tiredness, the likes of which she's never before experienced, is besotted and spends a good portion of her days just… Continue reading Harriet and Rose

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'Hey Misha, how was your day?' I've walked in the door after a fifteen-hour day at work to find Henry prostrate on the couch, his arm over his eyes to black out the light. 'Um, good. Busy,' I respond, slightly worried at his mumbled tone. He still hasn't looked up. 'What's wrong with you?' He… Continue reading Loss

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The Session

The flickering candles give off a spooky light in the room. My fingers lightly grasp the fabric of the curtains; I turn to face the hallway and rickety staircase, consider leaving. 'Welcome, dear,' a female voice calls. The curtain slips from my hand and I'm standing in the dimly lit room. My eyes make out… Continue reading The Session

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My fingers tremble as I reach for the knocker. It's a cat, I notice, which calms me somewhat; my best friend has a similar one at her front door. Must be a good omen, I think, and give it a quick rap. I lean on a post, gasping for breath, checking the road behind me.… Continue reading Safe