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Coming to a Decision

Eventually, Arabella would have to make a decision. She was slumped in her chair, swinging back and forth, her fingers tightly gripping the armrests. It had been nearly two weeks since her last appointment with Martha. She'd spent her meditation moments each day pondering her relationship with Austin. She tried to see cracks. She tried… Continue reading Coming to a Decision

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'I think you need to consider your options,' Martha said decisively. Her pen was poised above the A4 notebook, its cover adorned with pink roses and had Arabella's name written with a Sharpie. Arabella didn't respond; her mind a jumping castle of thoughts. As Arabella's mentor, Martha had guided her to a job with greater… Continue reading Authenticity

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A mentor

Here in Australia, netball is the team sport with the highest number of registered players. It is largely played by females, but boys and men are welcome to participate. Netball Australia, some years back, incorporated a skill development program for 7-8 year olds, called NetSetGo. Across every state and territory in Australia, this program runs… Continue reading A mentor