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Mount Lofty

Years ago, as a teenage girl growing in Adelaide, I dreamed of many things. Well, perhaps not many; probably only a few, such as kissing boys and falling in love and getting married. A world-changer, I was not. There was, and still is, a scenic lookout in the foothills of Adelaide called Mount Lofty. Couples… Continue reading Mount Lofty

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Lily in London

The whoosh of air blew skirts and scarves in its wake. The noise echoed in passengers' ears. The train was approaching. Mind the gap. The recorded woman's voice, oft-mimicked by tourists and children served as a warning. The gap wasn't large, but it was large enough to slip, trip or fall. Everyone was reading their… Continue reading Lily in London

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Cheering others on

Yesterday, Hubster and I attended our children's primary school for weekly assembly. Our girl was receiving a Values Award. Each week, teachers observe the students in action, either at play or in the classroom, for behaviour that aligns with the school's key values: Respect, Community, Perseverance, Integrity and Innovation. They select a student who then… Continue reading Cheering others on

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A homecoming

I moved from Adelaide to Melbourne as a young woman, in my mid-twenties. The first time I went back to visit, I was astonished to see the city of Adelaide and its surrounds, as if through fresh eyes. As the plane began its descent, the first thing that struck me was the lack of hills… Continue reading A homecoming



The stories of migration are fascinating. I find it hard to comprehend packing up a life, a home and migrating to another country. A country where you don't speak the language, or understand the culture. A country where you are regarded as strange or wrong or out of place, just because you are different. Migrants… Continue reading Migration