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Wow, the two word prompts I follow each day (or thereabouts) have selected words that send me straight back to my childhood. A couple of my mum's favourite words. She loved to call my brother lackadaisical, particularly surrounding his efforts with schoolwork. His efforts on the footy field, not so much. And visits to Grandma's… Continue reading Mum

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Lesson for Me

You know what I'm discovering, more and more, as my children grow older? I bet you can guess the usual suspects...the unconditional love, the pride, the awe as they learn new things, the fact that parenting is a balancing act and that, as parents, there's only so much that you can do for your child.… Continue reading Lesson for Me

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Bess Remembers (short fiction)

Before the accident, Jilly juggled work and motherhood with her trademark shrewd skill. Her daughter remembers. Bess spent school holidays in the office, colouring in under Jilly's desk, while meetings were held on the round table, next to the white board. At eight, she lay on her tummy with her feet raised, rested the soles… Continue reading Bess Remembers (short fiction)

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What footsteps say (short fiction)

Each heavy footstep plodding the hallway told Sara she was going to be in trouble. She cowered on her bed, pulled the covers over her head just as her mum stopped in the doorway. 'Sara,' screamed Mum. 'I've been calling you for five minutes.' Sara remained silent. 'Don't ignore me!' shouted Mum. 'It's disrespectful.' Sara… Continue reading What footsteps say (short fiction)