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I finish the second plait and fasten it with her favourite pink bobble. 'There,' I say. 'All done. Who's a grown up girl?' She beams and her eyes sparkle. 'Can I wook at me, Mummy?' 'Of course. Be careful though.' My four-year-old daughter is the light of my world. Her brightness, her joy fills the… Continue reading Favourites

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Overheard conversations

'Why do we need to help?' I'm sitting at a cafe, eavesdropping while pretending to read the newspaper. The young girl, who looks about seven, has posed this question to her mum about the homeless. I dare a glance. The mum is fretting; her eyes dart about to see if anyone is demonstrably paying attention.… Continue reading Overheard conversations

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Marge’s Bomb

Being with him is simpatico. It's easy, smooth, like taking a breath. We're in sync. I have this thought as I watch him drive away in our Ford Falcon GT, hot off the production line. Our toddler waves goodbye from her vantage point on my hip, her pudgy fist opening and closing. She blows her… Continue reading Marge’s Bomb

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Teapots and Rhymes and Growing Up

Today's epic and thought-provoking post is a nursery rhyme. 'I'm a little teapot, short and stout Here is my handle, here is my spout When I get all steamed up, here me shout, Tip me over and pour me out.' It's been years since I last sung this. Oh, how I used to love watching… Continue reading Teapots and Rhymes and Growing Up

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The truth

'Just a dollop of the truth is all I'm asking,' said Mary. She herself was lying. A dollop? No, she's ready for the whole lot. For too long, her mother has equivocated on Mary's father's whereabouts. She was eleven when Dad left. Walked out for a litre of milk and never returned. Mum didn't look… Continue reading The truth