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People like us

'A cad. Nothing but a shark, lurking in still waters waiting to attack his next victim.' I'm in the car, listening to my mum. She's mad, obvs. We're on the way to emergency accommodation, because Mum's latest boyfriend, Tim, threw us out. He's actually a good bloke, don't let her words fool you. She's the… Continue reading People like us

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At Midnight

Katie watched her daughter, Olive, tiptoe to her room. Not a sound from any footfall. Even avoided the squeaky spots in the floorboards. She was good, clearly adept at creeping home after curfew. From where she stood, leaning against the doorframe, Katie wondered where she went wrong. Probably trying to take on the father role… Continue reading At Midnight

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'But I don't even understand why you had to go there,' Betty said to her eldest child, Anna. 'Mum, I'm a grown woman. I can go where I like.' 'Well, now you're in a bit of a muddle, aren't you?' Anna stared into the space just over her mother's left shoulder. Mum was right. She… Continue reading Witness

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News reaches the Mansion

'I don't even want to see him again.' I speak softly but there is a defiance to my tone, my words. Mother looks down her aquiline nose. She's perfected the disapproving gaze. I sometimes imagine that she used to stare at her own mum like that. But Granny would not have tolerated such insolence. Insolence.… Continue reading News reaches the Mansion

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Misha’s Dad

'I'm serious,' Mum said. She looked it. I'd never seen such concern writ large over her features. Her brow was tightly drawn, her eyes dark and cloudy. Her lips were a thin, taut line. In contrast, I was all dumbfounded shock. My mouth was gaping open while I thought of something to say. But how… Continue reading Misha’s Dad