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The Job

Gillian pushed through the crowd, desperate to find him. She checked her watch. Ten minutes to go. Where is he? She stomped her foot in exasperation. A waiter passed by, so close his jacket brushed her arm; Gillian snatched a glass of white wine from the tray and nodded her thanks. The waiter slightly bowed… Continue reading The Job

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Run to Paradise

I'd been on holiday for two weeks before it hit me. This wasn't a holiday. I was escaping an ordinary life. I'd run to paradise (the song was on auto-play in my head constantly) to distract myself from laundry and lunches. And love. The three Ls. Here in Fiji, on the beach, it was easy… Continue reading Run to Paradise

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A Failed Attempt

A trickle of sweat runs down the centre of my spine. I creep into the dark room, intent on following through with this...what do I call it?...plan. 'Henry?' I call. I tiptoe further in. I knock my shin on something sharp. I bite the inside of my cheek to keep from crying out. 'Are you… Continue reading A Failed Attempt

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Ella closed the door behind her with a gentle click. She remained on the verandah for seconds, contemplating the dark evening. In the pocket of her jacket, her phone buzzed. She reached for it. Come back! Call in sick. Following the words was the green-faced vomit emoji. She grinned, tempted. She tightened her scarf around… Continue reading Discovery

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The morning after

It was the sound of her breathing that woke him. He turned his head. Her eyes closed, jaw slack and her lips slightly open. Her face ghostly pale. Her left arm was over her head; her right under the covers. The breaths shallow, slow. 'Marigold,' he murmured, gently pressing on her arm. He had mixed… Continue reading The morning after