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Joy in the Park

Joy has been named incorrectly. For her, happiness has always been skimpy. There's been fleeting moments, of course. That time when she experienced her first kiss, buying her apartment, the warmth of Sadie when she curls on her lap. But implosion always threatened, like troops on the border making a stealthy advance. Even those times… Continue reading Joy in the Park

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The details Bessie had been given were sketchy, at best. She's in the car, on the way to the designated meeting spot and recalls the conversation. 'Meet at the docks,' the voice said, after revealing the plan. It was a deep, husky tone; a male, Bessie surmised. 'You know the place? Under the bridge?' She… Continue reading Rescue

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Life’s rhythm

Yesterday, I returned to work after a two week break. I'm not going to lie, getting up at 'work time' hurt, still feeling disoriented from the temporal illusion that is the week between Christmas and New Year's Day. Still, I was overwhelmingly pleased to leave Hubster alone in the house with our cherubs. School holidays… Continue reading Life’s rhythm

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Morning, interrupted

The sunshine broke through the curtains. Its rays reflected onto the dreamcatcher creating a fractal of pastel colours around the room. Millie turned onto her back, stretched languidly. 'Morning,' she said, her voice thick with sleep. 'Morning Mummy.' Little arms wrapped around Millie's neck. Millie was not expecting her three year old daughter to respond.… Continue reading Morning, interrupted

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Second chance

'Just GO!' David yelled. Mikayla remained where she stood, holding her euphonium as if it were a baby. She could feel every band members' eyes on her; they watched closely, while appearing to read their music sheets. This stand-off had the capacity to blow up. 'I said go. Just leave if you don't like it,'… Continue reading Second chance