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The Beetle

The woman's hips moved, enticing and encouraging. Brad was mesmerised. It was as if her dance was meant for him. An invitation. For all of her, in all the moments that lie ahead. 'Did you hear me?' Scarlett asked, her tinny voice snapping him back to reality. Her eyes were wide, accusing. She sighed, an… Continue reading The Beetle

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Tick Tock Tuesday #29

Reading Stroke Survivor UK's post and finding we're both children of the 80s, I decided to join in. A defining band for me growing up as a teen in the 80s was Duran Duran. Posters of Mr Le Bon—quite likely my first celebrity crush—were plastered all over my bedroom walls, a blank cassette always at… Continue reading Tick Tock Tuesday #29

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At dinner

Silence hung in the air, flapped about like washing on a clothesline. She cursed her friend, Kathryn, for setting up this blind date. 'What did you say you did again, Billy?' Ally asked. Her hands were in her lap, twiddling her thumbs under the table. The song What About Me was playing softly over the… Continue reading At dinner

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Time to relax

'Relax.' I'm not even close to feeling relaxed. That's why I'm here. But I take a deep breath in through my nose and try to let go of the tension. 'I'm going place these hot stones on your spine. They will release toxins that you hold in your back. While the stones do their work,… Continue reading Time to relax

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The truth of the evening

I'll tell you the truth. The others won't, but you can count on me. Sit awhile, take a moment to relax, make a cuppa perhaps, while I give you the whole story. We were at the soiree. You know, the annual fundraiser for the footy club. Oh, and I guess you need to know who… Continue reading The truth of the evening