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I'm keen to let you all know the results from yesterday's netball matches. Unfortunately, my second team (Supernovas) lost their match, so they finished the season at 4 on the ladder. Still an amazing result overall, and each girl played really well. The issue was just bad luck with shooting goals: the ball bounced around… Continue reading Results

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Grand Final

In just over two hours, Our Girl and her teammates will play in their very first netball grand final. Well, it's a pared-down version of a grand final, given there are many, many restrictions still in place. There are no spectators allowed into the stadium which means of course that there will be no atmosphere---you… Continue reading Grand Final

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And it's back! The forced bench time of netball is over (well, supposed to start last week, but we had Lockdown 3.0 thrust upon us). My girl is dressed and ready, looking like the strong, fit chick that she is. It's been nearly a year since we played in a competition---save for four weeks of… Continue reading Yippee

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The Icy Bench

This weekend is the first foray back into netball and I'm just back home. We're in a new level, and the teams have been graded for development purposes. The grading took place last year and was performed by an independent, objective, and non-member of our club. There's no way on God's green earth I could've… Continue reading The Icy Bench

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Getting out of a car park

Driving home from netball this morning, we stopped into our local Coles. Hubster ran inside to get a few things that we desperately needed, while me and T1, T2 and Our Girl waited in the car. Hubster arrived; three products tucked under his arm. I reversed out of the space, then drove towards the entrance/exit… Continue reading Getting out of a car park