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The truth of the evening

I'll tell you the truth. The others won't, but you can count on me. Sit awhile, take a moment to relax, make a cuppa perhaps, while I give you the whole story. We were at the soiree. You know, the annual fundraiser for the footy club. Oh, and I guess you need to know who… Continue reading The truth of the evening

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At the supermarket

Standing in line at the checkout, she is warm and her armpits damp, despite the chilly day and her coat and scarf. She holds her breath as she watches each item scanned, then placed in her bags by the operator. Her eyes flick to the screen. $45. Glancing along the conveyor belt, she nervously estimates… Continue reading At the supermarket

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Scoring at soccer

Saturday here. Just ticked over to the afternoon; the morning spent with the children's sport shuffle. I left home with Our Girl before 8AM to get the two netball matches, this week in back-to-back time slots. Hubster left home about an hour later, and took both boys to T1's soccer match. After netball, Our Girl… Continue reading Scoring at soccer

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An evening at the local council

  Last night, I was witness to a company of fools. I went to the ordinary meeting of my local council, in support of a new sports stadium to be built in the area. The area I live in is lovely, it must be said. We are lucky to be situated less than 10kms from… Continue reading An evening at the local council

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Brent’s kitchen (short fiction)

'Do you want a pickle on your burger?' 'Pardon?' 'A pickle. On your burger?' Brent repeated. He glanced to where Tilly was sitting, perched on a bar stool at the kitchen bench. Her hair was matted on one side, her left, the way she'd slept in his bed. She was wearing a T-shirt of his;… Continue reading Brent’s kitchen (short fiction)