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Sinking (short fiction)

The slight bump made no sense. Sarah was accustomed to the gentle swaying, rocking. But this was a definite bump. And she definitely heard a groan, too, low and rumbling underneath the bump. Sarah looked around her, desperate to find Andy. Where was he? They were standing next to each other in the large dining… Continue reading Sinking (short fiction)

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Cheering others on

Yesterday, Hubster and I attended our children's primary school for weekly assembly. Our girl was receiving a Values Award. Each week, teachers observe the students in action, either at play or in the classroom, for behaviour that aligns with the school's key values: Respect, Community, Perseverance, Integrity and Innovation. They select a student who then… Continue reading Cheering others on

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A message from the past

Yesterday, I received a message to connect with someone over LinkedIn. I usually have a quick look to see if I recognise the name, and if I don't, I delete. I didn't recognise the name, but this one had a message attached. Twelve years ago, pregnant with T1 and T2, I was working full-time for… Continue reading A message from the past

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Sage advice

Here's my sage advice. Exquisitely put many years ago by Quindon Tarver, for the Romeo and Juliet screen adaptation by Baz Luhrmann. I could not agree more with these words... Ladies and gentlemen of the class of '97 Wear sunscreen If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it… Continue reading Sage advice

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The sanctuary of Sundays

Sunday morning. My family's sanctuary. We are ensconced in our home. Hubster made a big brekkie for himself and T1, I've had two coffees. T2 is watching Netflix, and my girl is, unfortunately, bored. Her demeanour does detract from the element of a happy family in sanctuary. Growing up, Sunday mornings were the busiest, most… Continue reading The sanctuary of Sundays