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Back to work

So, my life has become a little hectic. I have started work. You know, a leave-the-house job, where I walk in at a mutually agreed time and stay there until a mutually agreed finish. In between those times I am at a desk tapping away. It's a great job. I am thrilled, excited and humbled.… Continue reading Back to work

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On hearing no

There is no zing in my step today. All positivity drained from my system on reading one email that stated, 'good, but it's not quite right for us'. I know it's to be expected. I understand that every writer goes through this. I am trying not to take it personally. Wow, it hurts though, like… Continue reading On hearing no


The Watcher (short fiction)

'Mummy!' From my vantage spot, I see a young girl call to her mother, running with her arms open. The woman does likewise and they collide with a force of love, so strong it brings tears rolling down my cheeks. I wonder again, why I am here in the park. A place where women bring… Continue reading The Watcher (short fiction)