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School's out. At least it is for T1 and T2 who finished at midday on Thursday. Our Girl will continue right up to mid-December---there are many celebrations planned to commemorate her last days in primary school. A graduation, picnic and fun events, to name a few. I can't believe Our Girl is finishing primary school.… Continue reading December

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Sasha looks at the mess and sighs. However is she going to begin; the task seems insurmountable. Boxes of papers and keepsakes fill the room from floor to ceiling. It was her mum who suggested she begin to sort through it all. 'It's not fair to leave it all to the kids after you've gone,'… Continue reading Mortality

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The Pace of Life

Life has picked up its tempo. I feel like I am stuck on a spin cycle, only I come out not fresh and clean, but dirty, full of grunge and grime. And exhausted. But this job - it's great. The Year Book is complete - at the printer - and the online, interactive version is… Continue reading The Pace of Life

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Four Day Weekend

It's Monday, shortly before 9am, the day before Cup Day here in Melbourne. A weird time each year, one that many Melburnians refer to as a long weekend. It's not. Not really. Tuesday is the public holiday, and the Monday is piggy-backed by a growing majority to turn it into a four day weekend. I… Continue reading Four Day Weekend