Knockbacks and Breakthroughs

I have been missing from here for over a week. Maybe some have noticed, maybe none have. I've been really busy and motivated. I'll tell you why... Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I attended a writing masterclass in the city of Melbourne. I will return for the final two days tomorrow and Sunday. Last weekend… Continue reading Knockbacks and Breakthroughs

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Fickle friends

You know those times when you think you've got someone sussed? You're good friends, you have shared interests, dislikes, laughs. And then, it changes quickly. And you're left bewildered. This happened to me quite recently. I was blindsided by it, shocked by the shifting of blame, hurt by the dissolution of a friendship. At my… Continue reading Fickle friends


Don’t be a loser

As humans, we sympathise with the plight of others. Those that we know, and those who are unknown to us, but have suffered through a natural disaster, or lost a child to the most horrific and extraordinary circumstances. We feel their pain. We identify. We know that in the blink of an eye, our own… Continue reading Don’t be a loser


A life-altering coffee (short story)

She stood leaning on the door frame, holding bags of groceries. Normally, she would have brushed him off, but today, for some reason she chose to keep talking. He seemed charming enough, his gaze inscrutable. Later, she would learn exactly what he meant by his gaze. But now, wholly guileless, she had no clue. His… Continue reading A life-altering coffee (short story)


Silhouette’s message

  A silhouette remains Of a bygone era A woman used, scorned Never loved, wanted.   The silhouette is dark, black No light can splinter To reveal its horror Or its shame.   The silhouette reminds, Like a wound, a scar Lest she be tempted To dwell there again.   The silhouette prods, Begs for… Continue reading Silhouette’s message