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The Printer

'Hey, come look!' Merrily yelled from her studio. She was bent over fabric, smiling at the design she'd created. Looking across the back yard, she could see Martin in their kitchen, clanking dinner plates and cutlery into the dishwasher. He raised a hand to indicate he'd heard her. 'Be there in a sec.' His words… Continue reading The Printer

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'Zara, good girl! That's a fifty percent improvement on last week's attempt.' Zara glimmered with pride. Her parents had organised the tutor after her NAPLAN results in Year 3 were abysmal. That was the word they'd used. She'd had to look it up in the dictionary. Her heart sank at its definition. For the past… Continue reading Tutor

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The Twins

My twin loves. Not identical, but still mischievous. Eleven now, so different to each other, but similar in many ways too. Connected by a force I can't possibly understand. I see it, I hear it, but the depth of their attachment evades me. No matter what goes down between them, they always look after each… Continue reading The Twins


The Forecast Here

I am here in my local library, while T2 has private tutoring. His brother has come along as well, to play on the computer for the hour. After two days of weather forecast in the 40s, we are experiencing a more bearable expected high of around 26°C, although there is a reasonably high humidity percentage… Continue reading The Forecast Here

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Thoughts on a new year

The new year brings a new perspective. That's why many of us make resolutions. We strive to better ourselves, push our perceived boundaries, extend our minds. Social media is full of memes about fresh beginnings or posts from friends wishing us a happier and healthier lifestyle. I wonder, how did we make our thoughts known… Continue reading Thoughts on a new year