What’s next…

The opening chapter of my current work-in-progress, called Duplicity. I am ebullient about this one. It began over four years ago as a 2500 word uni assignment. I knew it had legs back then, even with my self-deprecating nature. One November, during NaNoWriMo, it grew from 2500 words to over 50k. My goal now is… Continue reading What’s next…

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A homecoming

I moved from Adelaide to Melbourne as a young woman, in my mid-twenties. The first time I went back to visit, I was astonished to see the city of Adelaide and its surrounds, as if through fresh eyes. As the plane began its descent, the first thing that struck me was the lack of hills… Continue reading A homecoming

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Life in Threes

Today's word prompt is: three. What does three mean to me? Three children. My loves, my very best work. OK, so I didn't do it alone, but you get my meaning. They are wonderful teachers, reminding me daily that my words and actions don't add up. They are great little humans...sure, sometimes they are draining… Continue reading Life in Threes

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Spiky feelings

Yesterday, I handed my manuscript over to a beta reader. The whole 78+k words, neatly bundled into a coil-bound, covered, bulky document left my hands. It is now in another's home. Gaaaaaaaaahhh...the fear, the anxiety, the vulnerability! These are spiky feelings indeed. They prick hurt in my gut, spread pain to my fingertips and toes.… Continue reading Spiky feelings

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The job search process

I am busy applying for jobs. Each day, I receive emails from online job search sites, such as seek or indeed. I flick through and I apply for any role I think I'm well matched to. The part that scores deep with each application is the key selection criteria. When did this become so cumbersome.… Continue reading The job search process